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Safety, security and peace-of-mind at home

You deserve to feel safe and secure in your home at any time of the day or night and confident that your possessions will be looked after when you are away on holiday or at work.

It's every family's worst nightmare, but sadly accidents do happen and so does crime. Insurance is essential for recovery when something goes badly wrong, but prevention and protection are more effective ways to minimise risk to your home and loved ones.

At Ryder Security Systems, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality home security solutions that are catered to your individual needs, at an affordable price and with the flexibility to grow as your family does.

Based in Banbury, we cover Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, London and beyond.

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Designing the perfect, bespoke security solution to protect your home

Home Office statistics say that 84% of burglars avoid properties with an alarm system. With this in mind, having a visible, active deterrent for crime is clearly an essential asset for any home, giving you and your family real peace of mind.

We professionally install and service cost effective, efficient security systems that use the latest industry leading technology for performance and reliability complying with PD6662/EN50131 regulations.

Home security solutions

Fully customisable, complete security solutions to suit your home.

Available in wired and wireless form, our user-friendly security solutions are fully customisable to meet your individual needs.

Solutions include:

  • Internal movement detection
  • Perimeter protection
  • Vibration and break glass detection
  • Local high output sirens with strobe lights
  • SMS mobile phone alerts
  • 24 hour monitored communications

Audible only and monitored systems

Home security systems usually consist of two types: Audible only, which triggers a siren and strobe light to alert neighbours and passers by, or a monitored system. The decision is usually subject to your properties risk or insurance conditions.

A monitored alarm has in most cases a dual path, secure data transmission link to our 24 hour manned alarm receiving centre (ARC).

It sends multiple signals including intruder alarms, panic alarms, arming and disarming notifications, mains failure, flood and fire alarms. The ARC will take the specified, appropriate action and call the relevant agency, authority or key holders to deal with the situation - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Providing the ultimate in protection, prevention and peace of mind

Equip your home against the risk of burglary and vandalism with a complete CCTV solution.

Our high quality, residential CCTV systems will monitor your entire home, helping to lower your insurance, deter crime and improve your family's safety. Users can switch cameras and viewing angles on command, permitting a complete view of important and susceptible parts of your home - no matter the size of your property. From small flats and apartments to large detached houses, join the growing list of families that rely on Ryder Security Systems.

The remote capabilities of our systems utilise LANs, the internet, PCs and various mobile devices including laptops and mobile phones to remotely control your security system and monitor activity around your home from any worldwide location - at any time. Perfect for when you want to check on your home while on holiday, at work or on a business trip.

CCTV system features:

  • CCTV DVRs (digital video recording) for great quality video
  • CCTV monitors that are easy to use, and can be mounted around your home
  • Fixed cameras and fixed domes (internal and external) to ensure complete coverage
  • Infra-red lighting so you can enjoy peace of mind during the night too
  • PA audio systems for audio alerts and communications
  • PTZ cameras and domes (pan, tilt and zoom, internal and external) for maximum flexibility and coverage

Equipping your home with sophisticated video and audio door entry systems

Establishing strong security at each of the entry points to your home is clearly one of the most basic ways in which owners can protect their property. One of the best ways to ensure security, whilst greatly improving convenience is to install a video and audio door entry system.

Our high-quality, bespoke solutions allow you to communicate via audio and video from any entry point of your home, whether it's doors, gates or barriers.

At the touch of a button you can identify visitors, grant access and unlock remotely with our easy to use systems that are designed to suit your individual needs.

Our system features and applications include:

Handsets and monitors, including:

  • Choice of colours and designs to suit your home environment
  • Telephone style intercom units, which are easy for you and your family to use
  • Wall recessed touch screen technology intercom units, that are non-obtrusive and avoid damage

Entry panels, including:

  • Surface or wall recessed at the entrance of your home that merge seamlessly with the look of your property
  • Vandal resistant insuring security, longevity and saving you maintenance cost
  • Brushed/polished stainless steel or brass finishes to maintain a prestigious look for your entrance
  • Post mounted options for your gates or barriers
  • Digital keypads with proximity readers

Colour or monochrome video available.

Electronic locks for doors and gates supplied and professionally installed.

Seamless integration with access control, automation opening and control lighting.

We integrate our door entry systems directly over IP into Crestron and Control4 AV Home Automation Systems, the leading providers.

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